Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Finding Balance

 One thing I've been working on as part of changing my lifestyle is finding balance. I think it's always been something I've had trouble doing. I tend to go from one extreme to another. It's all or nothing, although lately it's been more nothing. I'll decide to do something, exercise for example, and I'll basically tell myself I will have to exercise everyday. If I skip a day, then I'll feel like I have failed and a lot of times I'll stop the exercise altogether then. I'll do good for a week or two, then I'll have a day where I just don't feel like going out walking or doing an exercise video. Instead of just taking a day off, I'll beat myself up over it. Then I'll eventually start feeling like I've failed the whole thing and that I might as well quit exercising completely. I know that sounds crazy, and it is, but that's just what my mind tells me. So now that I'm working on changing that mindset, I try to find the balance in everything. Yesterday I was busy and had to go out for a few things, including getting some blood work. My veins wanted to play hide and go seek, so that was fun. It's usually better for me to walk in the mornings before it gets so hot. Since I had to leave early for the doctor, I couldn't go since it was still dark outside. Plus I had to fast because of getting blood drawn. So it just wasn't a good time for exercise. When I got home that afternoon I was tired and sleepy, since I barely slept the night before. I told myself I would take a nap then maybe go walking that evening when it was cooler weather. Later that evening it was still too hot and I was still just tired. I finally told myself, after going back and forth, that I would just go walk the next morning and that it was fine to take a day off. That may be a drawn out explanation for something simple, but I'm trying to write that behavior down and learn to change it. 
I'm trying to really listen to my body and hear what it needs. Sometimes I just need a day of relaxing and it's okay that I don't push myself to go walk. Other days I do talk myself into walking when I don't particularly feel like it, and I do feel better afterwards. So it's all about finding that balance of what I need. Of course there are other areas I'm working on balancing, but exercise is a big one since it's something I've always struggled with to do.
I'm working on taking one day at a time, and yesterday's behavior doesn't dictate today's behavior. Just because I have a set back or a bad day, that doesn't mean all is lost and that my progress is gone. The past is in the past, and each day I can start anew. 

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