Monday, September 23, 2013

Ah, October!

October has to be my favorite month out of the year. There's so many things to enjoy. Even though fall starts in September, I don't feel like it's officially fall until October starts.

October skies are blue with fluffy happy clouds. The air starts to get crisp and cool but not too cold. I can break out my favorite snuggly hoodies and lightweight sweaters. On the other hand, some days are usually still warm enough to sometimes wear shorts or capri pants.

Then there's Halloween to celebrate. I usually don't do too much for Halloween but I do enjoy watching Halloween movies and all the Halloween goodies to eat!

Speaking of goodies to eat, when fall rolls around it's time for all things pumpkin! I love seeing all the different types of pumpkins people put out for decoration. And I love to eat anything pumpkin, of course.

October is also when I have my birthday. Although I don't really do much for my birthdays anymore, I do love being an October baby.

What is your favorite month? Do you love October like I do?

Albuquerque NM

Last Friday I got the chance to meet a friend that I've known online for 6+ years. We had some extra time before we had to deliver load, so we could stop and spend the day in Albuquerque NM. It was so great to meet my friend in person after all this time. My bf and I met her for lunch before she had to leave for work. Then later that night we met her and her bf for dinner. A fun night! Below are a few pics from the restaurant. Also a pic of the harvest moon above the city which was gorgeous! And a couple extra pics I took while in NM.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Food - Peach Spur Cakes

Last night after dinner I wanted some fruit. I bought a few peaches a few days ago but they just weren't too juicy, and I can't abide a dry peach! So I thought what can I do to make these better? I decided to cook them in a little butter in a skillet to get their juices flowing. I added a little brown sugar and cinnamon too.  

Then I decided I needed something to go with them, even though they would have been tasty by themselves. I've had some canned biscuits that had been sitting in the fridge a while that needed to be used. I opened them and they still seemed to be good so I took two out and, using my fingers, flattened them out. I put some butter and a little olive oil in the skillet and browned both sides. I sprinkled a little cinnamon on them too as they were cooking.

When the biscuits were brown I set them aside and that's when I cooked the peaches. When they were hot I spooned them over each biscuit then added a little vanilla pudding.

They turned out even better than I thought they would! The crispy biscuits were very tasty! My bf had been saying he wanted pancakes so this was a good substitute I think, although he said he still wanted pancakes. haha

I decided since they turned out well, I needed a name for the recipe. Since I did it on the spur of the moment, I named them Peach Spur Cakes. Cute, right?

Santa Rosa NM

Here are some pics from Santa Rosa NM. I love truck stops that have pretty land where you can walk about. I like to take what I call little nature walks in these places. I usually take the dog, Ice, out and we walk around while I try to find scenic views or pretty plants and flowers. The purple flowers pictured below are so pretty! I almost didn't see them but of course that purple caught my eye!

Ice tried to go right into the cactus but I pulled him back in time, or so I thought. When I got back to the truck I pulled what I though was grass off his face. Nope, it was a needle from the cactus! But it didn't phase him at all. Silly doggie.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

It's the Little Things

Sometimes you have rough days, weeks, months, even years. It's not always easy to stay positive all the time. But the more you focus on the negative, the worse you will feel.
Things that help are taking one day at a time and making short term goals. It can be as simple as setting a goal to find one thing to make you smile that day.

Another thing that helps is planning a event or future activity to look forward to. Have a night out with your friends or find something in your community to do. Join an online forum or group of people with similar interests as you.

Don't forget that things will always get better but sometimes you have to work for it. Don't get discouraged and remember that you have the power to change things around for the positive.

Monday, September 16, 2013

My Beauty Philosophy

I believe every woman is beautiful and unique and deserves to feel and look her best. I think beauty does indeed come from within, but it's also nice to dress up the outside too! Playing with makeup and experimenting with looks is one of the funnest parts about being a woman in my opinion. Makeup can be a creative outlet and give you confidence. Makeup can hide your flaws or draw attention to your unique features. I think what some people would think of as a flaw, is just character and what makes you, you.

Fall is coming!

Music of the Day: ABBA's Greatest Hits
Start: OK
End: Ft Worth TX

Haven't blogged on this trip out on the road, so it's been awhile since I posted. I've been out since April and it's the longest that I've ridden in the truck with Darin. Surprisingly, I haven't gone stir crazy this time but I am getting a little homesick now. I want to go hang out with my friends and see my kitty (even though he loves my dad more than me)!

It's a week until fall is here and I'm ready for it! The cooler weather, Halloween, pumpkin everything, and my birthday are all things I look forward to every year.

What's your favorite thing about fall? Or do you prefer a different season?