Saturday, March 3, 2012

We all scream for ice cream!

Music of the day: Destiny's Child-Writing on the Wall, Ashlee Simpson-Autobiography & I Am Me, Ace of Base-The Bridge
Start: Up at 7am, on the road at 7:45am. Carlilse, PA.
End: 6pm Somewhere in IN

Yesterday I gave myself a manicure and my nails look much better. My cuticles seem to get really dry on the truck for some reason. If I don't push them back and put cuticle oil on them once in a while they start to get ragged and hurt. No fun there. 

Today I put chicken breasts, corn, green beans, and sweet potatoes in the Crock pot. It was good but I still want some ice cream! 

It's snowing some in IN where we are but not much has stuck to the ground yet. Might be more in the morning though if it keeps it up.



I love pictures of barns!

Friday, March 2, 2012

"Put a smile on your face"

Music of the day: Vitamin C
Start: Up at 7am, don't remember when we got on the road. York, PA.
End: Carlisle, PA

Got a load going to WA! It's a good run and about 2600 miles so Darin is happy. I'm happy to go to WA because so far all the places I've been there are really pretty. Also I will get to go through North Dakota which I haven't gotten to travel through before. Had a nice long shower at a Petro here in PA so that makes me really happy too!

When we scaled out after we were loaded, we were over gross on the weights so we had to go back to shipper to get some product taken off. I feel like we were just back and forth between places a lot today. We are parked at the Petro now and just came back from eating at Iron Skillet. I had a salad and a steak. Now I'm sleepy. And I want some ice cream!

Happy March 1st!

Music of the day: Charlie's Angels-Full Throttle soundtrack, Dwight Yokam greatest hits, a mix CD I made, La Roux
Start: Up at 7am, on the road at 8am Troutman, NC rest area.
End: York, PA at the receiver 

I didn't get around to finishing this blog and posting it yesterday so this is for March 1st. We ended up meeting up with a couple of Darin's friends who are son and dad and team drive together. I've met them once before for a brief time. They are really funny and always have hilarious stories to tell. It was fun to be able to meet up with them and have time to stop and eat together. We ate lunch at a Petro at the Iron Skillet restaurant, which is probably my favorite truck stop restaurant. It's usually not too greasy depending on which one you go to. I got a chicken and mushroom omelet and it was really good.

We made it to the receiver in York, PA at about 6pm or so. We got a dock door pretty quick but had to wait to get unloaded. I cooked some onions, carrots, and garlic in the skillet and we had that with the ribs that had been cooking all day in the Crock pot. It turned out really good. Pretty soon after that I fell asleep and slept until we got finished unloading around midnight. Darin pulled out of the dock door and went and parked in the staging area at receiver and I went back to sleep after a little while.

View out the windshield of the truck at a rest area in Troutmant, NC

Happy March 1st!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"Don't have to live like a refugee"

Music of the day: Melissa Etheridge-Great Hits, Cee Lo Green-Lady Killer, Gloria Estafen-Greatest Hits
Start: Up at 8:30am, on the road at 10:45am. Oxford, NC
End: 8:15pm Troutman, NC

Today went pretty well. We went down to SC and picked up a load. Although we did have some fun picking up. The entrances weren't marked very well and we ended up going into the office entrance instead of the truck entrance. They wouldn't let us through the gate to flip around so Darin had to back up the whole way back up the drive. Of course there were several cars behind us that had to get out of the way. The security kept telling Darin to just start backing up and he's worried about hitting a car. The security is all like just back up and they will move. So much for safety, huh?! But they did get out of the way and he backed up, then he had to back up onto the main road, so I got out and spotted him. Luckily it really wasn't too bad and at least we made it out of there safely. We got to the truck entrance but they were full there and sent us to their facility across the road. At least they let us in to flip around and it wasn't a big hassle. Finally we got the load and got back on the road. Whew!
The rest of the afternoon went pretty well except we had to scale out a few times to get the weights in the trailer legal. While Darin was working on that, I took Ice out to go potty and walk. He's pretty good and minds fairly well so that usually goes pretty smoothly. He doesn't try to get away or anything. If we are walking around trucks I always keep a good grip on his leash. Also it gives me a chance to stretch my legs and get a bit of exercise. Plus it's nice to take little breaks out of the truck for fresh air.
We ended up not getting a chance to put anything in the Crock pot today until later in the afternoon. By that time it was too late to get started. So after we parked up for the night at a rest area I got out the skillet and the propane burner (which is the handiest thing ever) and cooked some chicken breast strips with wild rice and cream of mushroom soup. It was easy and quick and it turned out very yummy! After Darin ate he said if I could cook like that once in a while he would keep me and not send me back to my mama. haha At least if I can do little stuff like that around the truck I feel like I'm helping him and contributing in some way since I'm not bringing in any money now. I hate to feel useless so I try to do whatever I can to make things easier on him so he can just do his job. Plus it's nice to keep busier and pass the time.
Tomorrow we head up to PA and deliver the load. In the morning we are going to get some boneless ribs going in the Crock pot. Mmm!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

On the Road Again...

Music/CD's of the day: Burlesque sountrack, Lady Gaga-The Fame, Ellie Goulding-Bright Lights, Coyote Ugly soundtrack
Start of the day: Up at 8:30am, on the road around 10:30am. Somewhere in NC. Don't know the town. Haha 
End of the day: 8pm South of Henderson, NC

So this is my 2nd day back on the truck with Darin. I'm really enjoying being back out here. I think I missed it more than I realized.
One thing that's an issue for me is eating on the road. Fast food and truck stop food gets really old, really fast. Plus it's unhealthy and I really don't want to gain weight! The expense of eating out a lot is also something to consider. This past weekend before we left we stocked up on groceries and decided to buy a Crock pot (my brilliant idea, by the way). It's not always easy to cook on a semi truck plus you have to worry about finding a place to store things too. The Crock pot doesn't take up too much space and we got the liners to use so clean up will be super easy. This morning we put a roast and some veggies in plus some fresh garlic and onions. It's been smelling good and I can't wait to eat!
In January while Darin was in GA on a visit with me he rescued a dog from the truck stop. Other than his shedding (which we are slowly getting under control) he is a really good dog. He behaves pretty well and is a good traveler. Plus he doesn't stink. You know I can't stand smelly dogs!! haha
So things are going well with being back on the road with Darin. I'm really happy and feel like I'm falling right back into the routine of life on the road. 

Breakfast today

Henderson, NC Walmart Distribution Center

Henderson, NC Walmart DC

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bring me the defibrillator, STAT!

I'm thinking of reviving the blog. Ever since I was young I've always wanted to keep a journal or diary. I would start one and make a few entries, then not write for months. Then for some reason if I went that long I felt like there was no point in writing again, or I felt like I needed to start a new one in a new journal. I'm just weird like that. Then I started the blog and made a whole 2 posts and then forgot about it. Sometimes I feel like I want to post but then the whole thing about waiting too long to post comes up in my head and I don't post. I should just post whenever I want instead of caring that I should post every day or every week. So maybe I will, or maybe not...